Industrial Action 27th June – PARTIAL CLOSURE

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As we indicated on the letter sent home on Friday 14th June, you will be aware that the NASUWT and the NUT have balloted their members for industrial action.

The school has received notification that the above trade unions which represent teachers within the school intend to take industrial action on Thursday 27th June 2013.

As staff within the school are members of these unions the school will be affected by industrial action.

We have undertaken a risk assessment for the school and have made the decision to partially close the school for pupils in the following classes:-

Class 1a, 2a, 3a, 4b, 5b & 6a.

Your child/ren should return to school on Friday 28th June 2013.

Please note that all siblings who’s classes are unaffected must attend school as normal otherwise they will be noted as an unauthorised absence.

Any absences either the day before or after the strike will also be noted as an unauthorised absence.

We apologise for any inconvenience this industrial action may cause you.

Gold Book Award

This weeks winners were Hassan and Maleeha.
Hassan was chosen for demonstrating excellent swimming skills and for making super progress.
Maleeha was chosen for designing a very persuasive poster, she remembered to use all the features discussed in class.
Can you tell me what else are your friends good at?

Learning Log

This week our learning log challenge is … Can you write a letter to Mrs Earl to persuade her to give you 10 minutes extra playtime?

Remember to use all those fantastic persuasive phrases which we discussed in class.
I can’t wait to read your letters.
I wonder which letter will really persuade Mrs Earl?

Our Heroes!

Maayir has won two very shiny trophies over the weekend. He participated in two competitions and won 1st place for fighting and 2nd place for Kata.

Harrison also showed his achievements off to the class; he won a medal for winning Bingo at Kingsway Park and a trophy for scoring the most amount of goals.

4B are very proud of these two boys. Keep it up!

Aslan’s creation

Look at what Aslan made during wet lunchtime.
Can you guess what it is?

Children transformed to journalists!


Something amazing happened in 4B- we were transformed back in time and we all became fantastic journalists! Our challenge was to write a newspaper report about evacuation during WW2.
We used our creative minds and began by extending our knowledge on WW2 and then interviewed some tearful evacuees. Finally we used ICT to publish our reports.
Take a look at some of our reports. Do you think we have achieved our challenge? How can we improve our reports?


Last week’s winners were Momanah and Hafsa.
Momanah was chosen for producing a fantastic information text about Global Warming – she used subheadings, paragraphs and technical words!
Our second winner, Hafsa, was chosen for being an excellent role model in and out of school – she works hard, is always poilte and is always smiling! 🙂

What else are these amazing young ladies good at?

Join us on our adventure to find out ‘How big is your Carbon footprint?’

Year 4 have started their new adventure – we will be looking after OUR world by ensuring we act in ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Global warming has become a huge issue because too many people are allowing greenhouse gases to be let out into the atmosphere.

Here are a few key questions which I would like you to find answers to;

1) What is Global Warming?
2) Can you name any Greenhouse Gases?
3) What is our carbon footprint?
4) Who causes Global Warming?
5) What are the effects of Global Warming?
6) What can we do to prevent Global Warming?

Learning Log Homework

This week the Learning Log question is;

Can you write a newspaper report about a recent news event?

Use the link below to help.